Princess Screen

This is the sort of project that really gets me up in the morning. Open creativity! The client wanted to hide a hot water system with a screen but they didn't just want a box. After my customary ‘cup of tea chat’, the design brief was simple enough. 1.Hide the HWS. 2.Must have a door and 3. Client request, ‘I like gum leaves’.

Inspired by my own back garden weeping gum (Eucalyptus ceasia) or Silver Princess, the screen needed to be three sided and that gave us an opportunity to create a tryptic design, with the gum leaf pattern flowing across three panels. The tricky part was converting my elaborate, hand drawn design into something a laser cutting computer could follow, while ensuring it still looked like my drawing. A full 30 hours later we had it sorted.

The screen needed to look like it was folded but had to be made in flat sections. That meant welding, sanding and polishing. In truth it was a joy to do as it all came together so well.  A narrow door, with a hidden handle discreetly placed on one side, gives the screen a one piece look. 

The screen is 1200 x 1200 x 1900mm made from 3mm steel. 

Princess Screen Drawing
Steel with reclaimed Mismate timber Dimensions L 2100 x W 900 x H 775mm
Princess Screen Side panel
Princess Screen Leaves