I like to focus on what is needed first and foremost, then look at how we can make that fit the best possible way. Fit is a good way to describe what I do. Whether it’s a garden design or a sliding gate, it has to fit the environment, the space, the design of the home and of course the budget. 

My goal is to leave you with a garden or piece that suits all of these needs and that looks like it belongs.

Natural and reclaimed materials are my first choice and a great source of inspiration. I am happiest when I’m in the soil or working with wood, stoking a fire or forging steel.

You could say ChalkHorse is Elemental.   


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Jason Anderson - Chalkhorse Design

About Me

ChalkHorse Design is Jason Anderson.  

Inspired by the many architects I had contact with in my corporate life, I wanted to learn how to design and to do it well. In 2011 I left the business world and studied sustainable landscape design at Swinburne University which started me on this journey.

Garden design lead me to the details that are between the garden and the buildings. The furniture, gates, trestles, structures, balconies and balustrades.

These are the pieces that tie a garden to a home. Consistent design and focus on the details are my way of getting a project right.  

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